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Day 6- Venice Sightseeing(Glass, St. Marks and Burano)

Venice, Italy

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Today we had the famous murano glass blowing demonstration. We took a taxi to a small island where the glass was produced. We went into the factory room where all the equipment was. The person who made the things out of the glass took a hollow metal tube, then stuck into the oven where the molten glass was. He came out with a blob on it. It was glowing red. He had 1 minute to work with it before it hardened. He blew into the tube and the blob inflated. Then, once it hardened, he sanded the sides to make it flat. He then pulled on the glass to make handles. It was a vase. Then, he walked over to the oven and put it back in to melt!!! All his work gone! Luckily, he then told us he was going to make a horse. I was like, "I doubt he can sculpt a horse, out of molten glass, in 1 minute".He was the second best maker in the business. His dad was the Chief. The glass on the stick then transformed into a majestic horse right before my eyes. It was awesome. He then melted it again!!! Geez, man. The director brought us into the shop/gallery to show us all the glass. I was sure I wasn't going to make it out without breaking something. We then walked into the room with all the glasses and cups. We sat down at the table where there was these really expensive things. I glued my hands to the chair. He started showing us all the glasses. He said it took 3 days to make 1 glass, because of the design. He then slammed the glass down on the table and everyone jumped violently. It didn't break! He said only pure murano glass won't shatter unless dropped on the floor. He started doing it with all the glasses, even the wine glasses. Then, the water cups came and he pushed the over and the rolled right back up! The glass set was something like $1700! Wowza. We looked around for a bit, saw a bit of lace and the Venetian masks. Venetian masks are basically really spectacular masquerade masks people wear during Lent to conceal their faces. The story behind this was, in the 1900's, people would get drunk, gamble, and other stuff the Pope didn't like. They told them to stop and they didn't. Then the Pope said as long as he doesn't see them doing it, (Stupid, right? Why wouldn't you just shut down the casinos and bars?) they won't get arrested.Anyway, they would where the masks and black cloaks and run around the city. This was something to do with sins, to that's why they do it during lent. We walked around Venice for a while while the local specialist told us about the history. We went by a an old girls' orphanage, where unwanted girls (normally under the age of 5) would get dropped off. They would get placed on a lazy Susan and were spun around to the orphanage never to see their parents again. They normally got the last name of Expose' meaning exposed. After the walk, we came to St.Marks square to get morning tea. We went to a cafe' and me and nanny ordred a hot chocolate, because it was cold outside. The drink came, and it was literally 'Hot Chocolate'. It was pure melted chocolate, that was hot, in a cup! Ihad a sugar-rush after. We went to St. Marks Basilica which was famous for the mosaic work. The whole of the Basilica's art was made out of teeny tiny little squares! St. Marks is the biggest basilica after St. Peter's. We then had a small lunch and boarded a boat to go to Burano. Once we made it Burano, we same that all the houses were painted different vibrant colours. And I saw Mr. Pines purple house! (Mr. Pine lives on White street with 50 houses all in a line, looked the same. He planted a tree. Everyone else planted a tree. He planted a bush. Everyone else planted a bush. He painted his house purple. Everyone was about to when Mr.Pine yelled "No!". So 50 houses all in a line painted different colours, Mr.Pine being the only purple). We went to a seafood restaurant to for a huge lunch. We then walked around and saw all the handmade lace. We then got on the boat back to the hotel to go to sleep. Today was so fun and I am lookind forward to tomorrow when we embark on our overnight ferry to Greece! Also, Happy Birthday Mum! Arriverdeci, Venice!


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Glad you made through the day without breaking anything! And Mr Pine's Purple House.. my most favourite children's story of ALL TIME. Its funny how that story is relevant to life in so many ways! Thank you for my bday wishes, glad we got to facetime as that made my day complete :0) Have a great time in Greece!!! Love ya! Mum

by sherry_a_davie

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