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Day 3-Rome Sightseeing (Colosseum, Vatican and Opera Dinner)

Rome, Italy and The Vatican City

sunny 25 °C

Today was the last full day in Rome. We woke up in the morning thinking it was Mothers' Day!!! But, it was next week and we had already given Nanny her cards. We were just going to go to the Colosseum today, but a change of plans meant we were going to see the Pope. We took the coach to the Vatican City. The Vatican City is were St.Peters Basilica is and where the Pope lives. At EXACTLY 12.00 in the afternoon Pope Francis would arrive at a small window and would say a blessing (in Italian). The microphone would spread around the whole square, making it really loud.We then had lunch and got some souvenirs (Rosserie Beads) from the shop. Then then got sent off to get blessed by the Priests. We got back to the hotel and I went down to the humongous 30m pool. I was the only one in there!!! I think it was because it was freezing in there! We then drove around for a while before we went to the Colosseum. We went inside the Colosseum, and let me tell you, it was very old, but huge. We went to the highest point where you could see the whole of Rome. What they would do in the Colosseum was very brutal. The 'show' goes for the whole day. In the morning they would have Gladiators fight wild animals shipped in from Africa. Then they would do the Public Excution. Then they would do the Gladiator fights. The Gladiators were poor people sent to Gladiator schools to learn how to fight. Then they would go to the Colosseum where they would then perform their fight. This was forced, so you may as well had ended up fighting your best friend. After the winner had been declared, he would hold a knife to the losers heart. He would then ask the crowd if he should kill him or spare him, by putting up a thumbs up or thumbs down. After the Colosseum, we went to the souvenir shop and I got a really cool book where it would show the past and present of an old Roman building. After that we went to an old Roman bathhouse to have dinner. While we were eating (Pizza and Pasta) the waiters would sing Opera in Italian. It was hilarious!!! After dinner, we had a walk to the Colosseum when it was lit up. Tomorrow we will see the inside of St. Peter's Basilica and other things too. And did you know that the little golden ball on top of St.Peters Basilica holds 24 people?


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Day 2- Bike Tour

Rome, Italy

all seasons in one day

Today was the Bike Tour. We saw many statues and buildings, like the Colosseum. The bike tour was about 4 hours long. Our guide was called Ronato and he was very nice. We got on our bikes and the first stop was the Colosseum. It was huge. There were chariots parked outside the building, which made it smell a lot like horses. The guide gave us so much historic information, I can't remember half of it. We didn't go inside the Colosseum, but we will tomorrow on our tour, which starts tonight. The Colosseum was very old, and the parts don't meet up, so it was more of a spiral than a circle. In Rome, most of the roads and pathways are modern cobblestone, but the road around the Colosseum was ancient cobblestones. Also, In Rome you can drive nearly anywhere and there are not many traffic lights. This makes you think you are going to get run over! Also, you do not have to wear seat belts in the car. After the Colosseum we biked along the road stopping every so often to see ancient ruins dug up by Archeologists and other buildings like churches. We then stopped at a patisserie before we went through the tucked away squares and pathways. This was where there was shops, fountains, houses ect. Although, there were very few cars that came but besides that, everyone was on foot or bikes. We then stopped at a really good Pizza place for a small sample, although Nanny and I couldn't eat it so we just ate the toppings off Grandy's. We then went to the Trevi Fountain, which was humongous!!! It was also packed full of people. We threw one coin in each which meant we were going to come back to Rome. How many coins you throw in has a different meaning. Our last stop was the Gelateria, which had the best Gelato/Ice-Cream I've had in my whole entire life! The two flavours I tried were Lemon-Cream and Caramel Meringue. Caramel Meringue was delicious! It was soft Gelato with crushed Meringue and caramel chunks. Once we made it make to our starting point, we went out for lunch and got pizza. Then we went to the Spanish steps. This was good cross country training!!! And the top of the steps was some ancient ruins which were pretty awesome. Also, there was a lot of statues. They had a statue of the She- Wolf and Romulus and Remus.We are going to meet our travel group and guide tonight and I think we are going to see a light show tonight as well. Remember to check the Photo Gallery!!!


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Day 1 - Rome Cooking Class

Rome, Italy

sunny 20 °C

Today was my Italian cooking class. I was really excited to do this and it was my first time to see the city by car. We got in the morning and went down to the buffet breakfast. There was heaps of food to choose from. One of the things I didn't get was that there was ham, chicken,salami, lettuce and other things. This reminded me more of lunch. It turned out, that was what Italians had for breakfast. And, the Breakfasts we have ( Toast, Cereals ect) are called Continental Breakfasts. And eggs and bacon ect are American Breakfasts.Anyway, we took a taxi to the Restaurant and along the way we saw St. Peter's Basilica. It was huge!!! We got to the street that it was on early so we walked around for a while. I thought it looked very magical. We then went to the restaurant to start the class. There was us, from Australia (I was the only kid). Then there was Candy, Sandy, Bart and Mark from America, Annie from America, her parents from Germany and Tina and Debora from England. The Chef's name was Chef Andrea. Our first meal was the appetiser, which was Jewish Artichokes with Zuchinni Cream. This was surprisingly yummy and was my favourite. It was whole fried Artichokes with a sauce made of onions and zuchinni. This tasted, to me, like chips and guacamole. The first course was Gnocchi and sauce, which was delicious and making the pasta was my favourite thing to do. The second course was Beef Stracessi, which was my least favourite, but this was because I was getting full now. The dessert was Ricotta and Sour Cherry Pie. Nanny and I couldn't eaten this, because it had gluten in it, so we had really yummy strawberries in syrup which was delicious. This day was so fun!!! Tomorrow is the Bike Tour and Welcome Party for our tour group. We are seeing the Colosseum tomorrow too.

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The Flight

Sydney, AUS to Dubai to Rome, Italy

The day started at 3.30 am at Rydges Hotel, Sydney Airport. After going through immigration, security ect we made to our terminal with 2 hours until be took off. My Grandparents taught me a card game called Mills and Runs, a tradition on these trips. We had a exhausting 14 hour flight to Dubai, where is 40 degrees outside and reminded me of a desert. We then boarded our plane to Rome. It went from 40 degrees to -60 degrees outside!!! There were icicles on the windows!!! Once we made it to Rome, we went to baggage claim to get our bags but it took 1 hour before they came. We then took a Mercedes to Crowne Plaza Hotel and I was ready to sleep. Tomorrow we have an Italian cooking class at a restaurant. I'm so excited!!!

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Countdown in Sydney Australia

Tuesday, April 25th 2017

sunny 25 °C

It is Tuesday here and I am leaving in 9 days. I am so excited!!! My flight is at 6am on the 4th of May (Next Thursday). Although, I will have to leave school early on the Wednesday to get to a hotel close to the airport or I would be up at 1.30 in the morning!!! I am flying an Emirates A380. I am flying 14 hours to Dubai then 8 hours to Rome at 8pm Rome-time. I then have an 8am cooking class the next morning!!! Write soon.
Morgan xxx

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