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Day 14- Last Day of Cruise

Santorini, Greece & Crete, Greece

all seasons in one day 25 °C

Today was our offical last day of my fantastic trip. We woke up and were docked in Crete, but were disappointed when we saw it had been raining. We got off the boat and got on a coach to go to the palace of Knossos. We walked in and her a screeching noise. The source of the sound had been a peacock in a tree. Anyway, we walked through the palace and the Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. The legend was there was a king called Minos who promised a god to give him/her a white bull. Instead, he gave him/her an ordinary bull, so the god/goddess got mad. The god/goddess said to Minos: "You will have your wife fall in love with the white bull". So the Queen did, and she and the bull mated and had a baby that had the head of a bull and a man's body. This creature was called the Minotaur and he could only eat human blood. So the Queen had the architect make a labyrinth to put the Minotaur in. So every year 6 boys and 6 girls from Athens would get put into the labyrinth and get eaten by the Minotaur. Then Theseus came and wanted to end this. The King's daughter, however, had fallen in love with Theseus, and had the architect tell her how Theseus could kill the Minotaur and come out alive. So, he said to tie a piece of string to the start, and go in, kill the Minotaur and come back out, following the string. He did this. So just as he was leaving Crete, the King's daughter asked to go with him, and did. But, she wanted to marry him. So, Theseus dropped her off and sailed away. After Knossos, we went back on the boat, to cruise to Santorini. We got there, and it looked like snow on a mountain! We took a coach up this zigzagging road up the cliff. We got to a town, and got free-time. We had dinner over the bay and when we got back on the boat, we saw volcanic rock down the sides of the cliff, from when the Santorinian Volcano had erupted. We watched a Cabaret, but go too tired and went to bed. Tomorrow we get on the 3 flights to get back home.


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Day 13- Cruise Day 3!

Rhodes, Greece My Birthday!!!

sunny 30 °C

Today I turned 12!!! We had another early start and we boarded out tender boats to go to shore. We drove to Lindos, where we hiked up the stairs toward Lindos Acropolis. The view was over St. Paul's bay, and the water was so clear you could see rocks 80m up! We went through the old medieval village dedicated to Athenia, the goddess of Wisdom. The village was perched on top of a cliff, so you could basically see the whole island from up there. The village was destroyed from a mass earthquake, so when the archeologists came to excavate the site, most buildings were in pieces. Afterwards, we took a donkey down the hill to the town of Lindos. My donkeys' name was Maria. Although, he didn't say "Hee-Haw!" We then took a bus to the citadel of the Knights. This was an old medieval town too, surrounded by a wall, with castles and shops inside. We then took a tender boat back to the ship, where we had lunch. Then we went back to shore to have free-time. We went to a beach, and there was a diving board 100m off shore!!! Me and Grandy went in, although it was freezing, but we got used to it. The water was crystal clear, and instead of sand their was rocks so we had rock-skimming competitions. We went back to the boat, and had dinner where the crew at the restaurant sang happy birthday and gave me a cake. We then went to the highest point of the ship, where I had a monk tail and we played cards. Nanny won. Again. Overall, it was definitely a birthday to remember. Tomorrow is our last day and we go to Crete and finally, Santorini!!!


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Day 12- Cruise Day 2!

Kusadasi, Turkey and Patmos, Greece

overcast 23 °C

Today we disembarked in Turkey at 7am in the morning. The port was at Kusadasi where ancient Ephesus was located. We waited a while for the gates, where there was a lot of dogs and cats. They were taken care of by the staff and they were there to ward off the mice and rats.We walked through Ephesus, before we came to the ancient toilets. These were public toilets, where men would come to do their business and talk. The toilets were so close together that there knees would be touching. Anyway, they had a stream of water going through a drain in front of them and a sponge, and this is how they, you know. They sewerage would run down a hill, then the servants would have to dig it when the road became straight. But, in the Winter, Servants would be sent to sit on the toilets to keep them warm!!! Which would you rather do? Also, really exclusive people had reserved toilets with their initials carved into them. Then, we walked down to the Library. The Library used to be in a gazillion pieces, but the Archeologists put them back together. The women would do the shopping when the men would pretend to go to the Library. The women would come back smiling because they loved shopping and the men would came back smiling because there is a secret passageway in the Library that leads to the toilets. After Ephesus we walked through the town and sampled different kinds of Turkish delights. I normally hate Turkish delights but, they were really yummy. We got back on the boat and made our way to Patmos. We decided to have free-time, so I put my feet in the water but it was about 10 degrees! We also had some gelato and went back on the boat. I had a mock tail too. Tomorrow we have Rhodes and it's my 12th Birthday!!! I'm really excited!!!


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Day 11- Cruise Day 1!

Mykonos, Mediterannean

sunny 28 °C

Today was the offical end of the tour, but we we were about to set sail to the Greek Islands. We left the hotel at a reasonable time, and got to the port to go through a short security check. We then goat our boarding passes, but I thought they were like credit cards! This is because it is the room key, boarding pass and when you buy something the money goes onto the card. The boat was huge and had shows every night (10pm ). There was also activities like origami on too.We did the safety check of the life-jackets, then explored the ship and had a buffet lunch. Later that day we stopped at the island of Mykonos in Greece. We had a walking tour. All the houses were white, but the shutters and doors were painted a different colour (mostly blues) to personalise their house. There was 421 churches on the island! This was because when a sailor would come back from sea, they would build a church and it would be called saint and the sailors name. They also have name days. Name-days are like birthdays, so they have one almost every 3 days.We then had a pre-dinner drink before we got back on the boat. I had a Pomegranate juice. We then went to dinner really late and came back for a game of cards of which I won! We have an early start tomorrow (5.30am) and we go to Kusadasi, Turkey and Patmos, Greece. My birthday is also in 2 days!!

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Day 9- Driving to Athens, Greece

Delphi, Greece and Athens, Greece

sunny 33 °C

Today was another early morning!!! We woke up and went down to the buffet, where I had a lot to eat as well as a huge plate of cucumber. Anyway, we got on the bus and drove for a few hours before we stopped for lunch by a beach. I tried chicken souvlaki, which is kind of like a chicken kebab. And, there was a small ginger kitten roaming the restaurant. We got back on the bus before stopping at ruins and monument for Apollo in Delphi. We got back out of the bus, bracing at the 33 degree weather. We hiked up the Archeological site, where there was the temple, and the spot where Apollo killed the serpent. It was boiling out, and we climbed back on the bus to drive to Athens. We got to the hotel, and freshened up before getting back on the bus to go to dinner. Our guide told us that here in Greece, people would eat between 9 and 12 at night. We at at 7.30. After dinner, we took the bus back to the hotel, stopping to look at the illuminated Acropolis, where we go tomorrow. We got back at about 10.30, and I was so tired yet again. Tomorrow we go to the Acropolis, then have 7 hours free in the afternoon, then have the farewell dinner because the tour ends tomorrow and the next day we board our boat for the cruise.


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